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Mort du célèbre saxophoniste Manu Dibango, qui a succombé au Covid-19...

Manu Dibango a wédi. Manu Dibango a nwo. Manu Dibango a wou. Manu Dibango kè kou! Manu Dibango est mort! Pleure, Afrique, ton grand génie !

J'entends vibrer dans l'éther, le son inimitable de ton saxophone, accompagnant la lente séparation de ton âme et de ton corps...

Oui, une femme te pleure avec son enfant à Yabassi et j'ai vu un vieillard écraser une larme à Osaka, en écoutant ton Soul Makossa!

J'entends pleurer la Terre, dans toutes les langues, Manu Dibango, maintenant que te convoque le Ciel...

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CubAfrica (Cuarteto Patria with Eliades Ochoa) (1998)
Mboa' Su – Kamer Feelin' (1999)
Collection Legende (1999)
Anthology (2000) (compilation)
The Very Best of Manu Dibango: Afrosouljazz From The Original Makossa Man (2000) (compilation)
Kamer Feelin' (2001)
B Sides (2002)
Dance With Manu Dibango (2002)
Africadelic: The Very Best Of Manu Dibango (2003) (compilation)
From Africa (2003) Blue Moon
Lion of Africa (2007) – live album including bonus DVD
African Woodoo (2008) from tracks recorded between 1971 and 1975 for cinema, TV, and advertising.
Choc'n'Soul (2010) features Sly and Robbie
Afro Funk (2010)
Afro Soul Machine (2011) (compilation)
Past Present Future (2011) features "Soul Makossa 2.0" with vocals performed by Wayne Beckford
Ballad Emotion (2011) (mostly jazz standards)
Africa Boogie (2013)
Aloko Party (2013)
Lagos Go Slow (2013)
Balade En Saxo (2013)
Contributing artist
Unwired: Acoustic Music from Around the World (1999) World Music Network
The Rough Guide to African Disco (2013) World Music Network
As sideman
With T-Bone Walker
Good Feelin' (Polydor)